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Discord group for gender-/sex-marginalized game devs making digital, analog, or experimental games. Different professions, skill levels, and styles welcome!

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Hi! If you're reading this, you're probably wondering what the space is about.

We – GDG – are a community discord where gender-/sex-marginalized game developers can get advice on dev, share projects, resources, and job posts, and otherwise just hang out and talk. We welcome and support cis women, trans women, trans men, nonbinary people, intersex people, and gender non-conforming people, regardless of body type, ethnicity, race, disability, plurality, or LGBT+ status.

If you belong to one of the aforementioned groups and are involved in game dev (whether a student, freelancer, and/or full-time professional), click below for an invite!

Q & A:

Who are you and why should I trust you?

Great question! We’re a group of students, freelancers, and studio devs who felt a space like this was sorely needed. Game Dev Galaxy's first members met on a server for queer indie artists, and from there, spun into a game-focused group. GDG is two years old, has 250+ members, and raised $5,700.00+ USD in the Gender Constellation Bundle, a rev-share bundle for gender-/sex-marginalized devs.

As a space, GDG was started by Maddie McQuinn (@CymechDraws | she/her), a gay robot who likes to draw and write. Her freelance clients include Strange Scaffold, Sixpence Games, and various indie devs doing VR work, action RPGs, and more. She believes strongly in trans-inclusive feminism, the importance of labor organizing, and the need to uplift BIPOC, disabled, and queer devs.

The group is also managed in large part by Future Ruins (@_futureruins | they/he), a queer Venezuelan artist with five years experience in environmental art and level design at One More Multiverse, Gato Studio, and other indie projects. Ruins has exhibited at the Oyoun Cultural Center in Berlin, has taught 3D modeling at college level, and manages La Madriguera, a Spanish-speaking community for LGBT+ devs. Ruins believes that games can exist as a tool to archive diverse cultural experiences, and that the only way to make that possible is through unions, workers' collectives, and anti-racist/queer policies.

Maddie McQuinn || she/her || @CymechDraws

Strange entity who believes in the power of friendship. She specializes in 2D art, does comics and concept art, and writes sci-fi fantasy with nonhuman characters. Maddie likes chatting, community organizing, and pursues a grad degree at California College of the Arts.

FUTURE RUINS || they/he || @_futureruins

Environment art menace. Fan of rocks, alt-fashion, and cooking savory food from around the world. Ruins' main passion is 3D modeling, but they enjoy 2D digital work as well. Loves to seek out interesting art and stories no matter the form. [img. credit: @Camberdraws]

Alexia Soucy || she/her || @woriworks

Trans artist and programmer from Montréal based in Vancouver, Canada. Alexia is a programmer at KoiKup Games, and pursues a bachelor of fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She enjoys running tabletop RPGs in her spare time.

Jack Carrillo Concordia || he/him || @SpookybotGG

Trash shipper who's obsessed with yuri manga, and currently edits non-yuri manga. Jack is a narrative designer, writer, and editor with experience in mobile games and journalism. He loves rhythm games and tactical RPGs, as well as VNs that never fail to make him cry.

Ghost || ???/??? || @machineblxxd / @bloodmachine

Neon static cyborg, gamedev, artist, writer. Weird fictions, weirder dreams. Freelancing for environment and level design, narrative design, game writing, and fiction editing. [img. credit: @DavidAltmejd]

Ellis Devereux || they/them || @ellisdex_

Nonbinary social media cryptid, game writer, and designer. Ellis loves games of all shapes and sizes as long as they tug at the heartstrings, and spends most of their time playing games with friends. They previously worked in VR game publishing and are currently a freelance narrative designer.

We strive to keep GDG a safe, positive place, and take concerns around inclusivity and intersectionality seriously. We reject fascism, white supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and similar ideologies in all forms. Basically, we believe games are a medium that benefits from marginalized voices, and in particular those of gender-/sex-marginalized devs. If this is you, feel free to join us!

I'm a gender non-conforming woman or man, a transmasc person, a trans guy, a male intersex person, an amab nonbinary person, or more than one of those identities. Am I welcome?

Yes. Our definition of “marginalized genders” includes identities that are male, masc, or people who "pass" as either. This includes gender non-conforming men and women, trans men, transmasculine people, amab nonbinary people, male intersex people, and people who find themselves at the intersection of such identities. We believe gender-/sex-marginalized people are not necessarily “more like” cis women than cis men. Basically, our goal is to make space for anyone in game dev who finds themselves on the receiving end of gender-based discrimination.

I'm a perisex cis man of color, and don't ID as "gender non-conforming". Would I be welcome?

Depends. We recognize that there are expressions of masculinity that are normative in certain cultures, but punished or considered 'non-normative' under white and/or capitalist societies. We acknowledge that cis men of color may suffer from sexism, even if they are not necessarily 'gender non-conforming'. We believe "cis man" is not a coherent category, and is informed by race and other cultural dynamics.

If you feel you’ve been punished for expressing your gender in a way that is normative to your culture, we take your assertion in good faith. Therefore, if a space geared towards supporting marginalized genders and sexes would be helpful to you, then we welcome you.

I’m not a gender-/sex-marginalized person. Can I get an invite?

GDG is is not open to allies at this time. If you're questioning or not sure if the label applies, we won’t ask too many questions. Nonetheless, we ask that members respect the space's intent. If you’re an ally and want to post a job, we welcome your support. DM or email and we’ll get back to you!

What art or games do you allow?

Lots of stuff! Horror games, "wholesome" games, experimental games, and individual game assets are cool and welcome! We're currently not open to sex games, though we're interested in partnering with or boosting spaces that are. We allow the sharing of SFW assets from NSFW games. Explicit NSFW content, shock art, and NFT/crypto/metaverse games are not allowed.

What do you do as a community?

Mostly just hang out and talk games. We share what we’re working on, or things that might be useful (eg. job posts or other resources). We don’t allow job posts from people offering low-paid or unpaid work. We sometimes have movie or game events on Sundays. If COVID-19 is less of a problem, in-person meetups will probably be a thing, too!

Why did you make this group?

I did this because I (Maddie) was looking for a dev discord for gender-diverse people and was unable to find one. Before starting GDG, I was brought onto the board of advisors of a gender and games-related nonprofit. I was offered the role of community management and online outreach. Despite this, I was unable to reach agreement with organizers on matters of trans inclusivity.

I turned down the position, then spent a week looking through tons of discords on disboard,, and elsewhere for a group with this intent. After being unable to find one, I decided to make it myself. So, here we are! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can’t promise I’m perfect, but I try to do my best to address community matters and create an inclusive environment. My dream is to grow a space where game dev (and creative work, in general) is less exhausting, mysterious, and isolating. Though no one space can be the perfect fix, my hope is that this one can help, and lend support to gender-/sex-marginalized people when needed.

Who cares?! I’m reading ‘cause I’m a troll!! I'm gonna go wild like it's 2014. Let me in!!!

OK!! But we should warn you that when you arrive, you can’t generate invites. They're once-per-person. There’s also pretty much always a mod online, mostly because we have bad sleep schedules. But sure! Try us – we could always use a laugh.

This seems like a lot of work. How can I help support you?

We appreciate tips! 100% of donations go towards boosting the server and/or cost of hosting this page. No funds gathered through Ko-fi are used for personal purposes.