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Discord group for gender-/sex-marginalized game devs making digital, analog, or experimental games. Different professions, skill levels, and styles welcome!

This page is a list of online game dev groups that (at time of writing), we find to be nice creative spaces. While our community members are present in each to varying degrees, our intent is to get together a page that may be useful for people looking for creative communities.

Each space is included with permission of the owners. If you run such a group and are interested in getting in touch, please contact us at

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La Madriguera LGBT+ [SPA]

Discord community for queer, spanish-speaking people in game dev. Open to students, teachers, hobbyists, and industry professionals of all shapes and sizes! Twitter

FemDevs [SPA]

Non-profit organization promoting gender equality in game dev by increasing interest, participation, and presence of marginalized genders in the industry. Website || Twitter

Latinx in Gaming [SPA/ENG]

Non-profit organization that connects Latinx people across the video game industry; promotes cultural appreciation and representation in game-related content. Website || Twitter